Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SEO Consultant: What is it?

SEO Consultant: What is it?

What is SEO Consultant? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or "unpaid" (organic or algorithmic) search results. Interesting, right?

Last July 2011, me and my family travelled for 24 hours and visited our beloved Philippines. It was great to be back and see our families and visit with our friends after seven years. 28 days of vacation is too short, but we all had a blast.

Included in our agenda (yes, we did have a list of things to do) is to meet our close friends both in high school and college. It sure was a blessing to visit with my high school buddy, Louie (not his real name), a SEO Consultant.

It intrigued me when my friend told me what he does for a living. He said he works at home FULL TIME as a SEO Consultant. He works on companies that want their website to be on Google’s first page. Quite honestly, I’ve never heard of SEO “Search Engine Optimization” in my 12 years of being a network administrator.

So, how does SEO work?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization starts with “keyword research.” it will turn your website to a successful profit generating website or a total webpage failure. SEO’s needs to develop “content writing skills” and “use link building properly.”

I've been doing a lot of reading and lab testing about keyword research and proper content marketing. Compared it with successful business websites. SEO's uses the past, present and future principle of keyword research. You can learn from past successful marketing scheme, incorporate it to present ideas and use if for future marketing trend.

As of today, we’re back in Texas and I’m currently on my 2nd of 4 weeks of SEO training. I am enjoying every step of my training. I am looking forward to start my on-the-job training in a SEO Consultant Company in two weeks.

You want to learn more about SEO? Let me help you.

Please write your questions and comments below. I’ll be happy to answer your queries.


  1. Hi - very interesting! I'm an avid amateur photographer but I'm curious if a search engine optimization can help in image copyright enforcement?

  2. Hello CC Photographer- Search engine optimization is primarily use to get your website on the right track with search engines. May it be blogging, informative website, hobby website, and business websites and etc. But like anything we do in the web, we all have rules and regulation that we must follow. Example: in going "the prom", you must wear proper attire, because you will not be let in the ballroom. They may even ask security to escort you out the building.
    Same thing with the World Wide Web. It has its set of rules too (that’s why we have copyrights and disclaimer as safety nets). We have to make sure we are in no violation of what we do or put in the web.

    You are an avid amateur photographer and I’m guessing you have your own blog or website. Search engine optimization can and will make your website visible in the World Wide Web for people to see and appreciate.

    thank you great question.

  3. Hello!

    nice site. check my website to see if it's SEO optimized. I've learned SEO only through my research on the web. Thanks Larry Boy!!!

    Darryl (http://weirdseyeview.com/blog)

  4. Sure Darryl! I will run some test on your website. Thanks again.